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Your Integrative Health Practitioner, Chris Cosby

True wellness is achieved from a variety of therapies. Generally we focus on just nutrition and exercise. These are both extremely important as a foundation to build upon.  I will use my expertise to piece together your health and wellness puzzle through the best program for your optimal health

The wellness program covers the overall detox and maintenance for health

Sign up for the complimentary consult below to see if you would like to work with me and I will send a toxicity quiz for you to take before we meet virtually.

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Meet Virtually One Time per Week:

  • more accountability

  • more guidance

  • handouts as needed

  • shopping lists

  • supplements as needed

  • email access

  • $99 invoiced weekly

*Functional Medicine testing now available

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Meet Virtually One Time per Month:

  • guidance 

  • accountability

  • handouts as needed

  • shopping lists

  • supplements as needed

  • email access

  • $149 invoiced monthly

*Functional Medicine testing now available



  • Purchase and Enroll One Time ($149)

  • No accountability 

  • Learn from Modules and put into action your own health plan from information 

  • Complimentary 15 consult upon completion if desired

  • Unlimited access to modules & updates

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Nutrition Consult
  • 1 1/2 hr session  

  • Local Lake Norman/Charlotte

  • Nutrition Consult folllowed by Acupressure Session 

  • $125 per session

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