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Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't find the answers to your question here, please contact me with your question

Q: How is bodywork different than massage?

A: There are a few ways to answer this question because massage is technically considered part of bodywork. In terms of the work that I do though, here are some differences:

With massage, you are not clothed. The bodywork I do, you are clothed.

With massage, lotion or oil is used.  The bodywork I do, lotion or oil is not used.

With massage, there's manipulation of the muscle tissue. The bodywork I do, it's mostly light touch on specific points. Sometimes there is slight manipulation of the muscle tissue.

With massage, the whole body is worked.  The bodywork I do, I usually work lower & upper body, but not all the time.

Q: How long does a bodywork session last?

A: Generally between 20 minutes and an hour, Most sessions are around 40 minutes unless the body needs more time to process the moves.  The session includes both bodywork and intake information time at the beginning.

Q: How many sessions are generally recommended?

A: If you are experiencing these bodywork techniques for the first time, I would recommend beginning with 3 to 6 sessions to start off, about once a week. Your body needs to become accustom to the work. After this time period, if you are dealing with chronic issues, then I suggest maintenance of 2 times per month.  Otherwise, I recommend maintenance once a month.  This will help keep the body in balance

Q: Can these techniques help with injuries?

A: Yes, the techniques help the body to repair & restore new and old injuries. If it is newer injury, allow healing to take place first and then schedule a session.

Q: Do these techniques help with improving common complaints, such as digestive issues, hormonal issues, etc?  

A: Since I use a combination of techniques, there are many moves amongst the techniques that help bring about balance in some of the commonly complained about issues.

Q: What separates these techniques from others that are offered?

A:  These techniques work with the nervous system in a unique way through moves that signal the brain and nerves to relax, restore, and balance the body.

Q: What credentials does a bodywork practitioner need to have?

A: You need to be licensed, at least here in the States, in order to perform bodywork legally.  I have a massage license which allows me to practice bodywork since it's hands on. I have a certification in both Bowen and Emmett Techniques as a practitioner.

Q: Can the techniques be combined with other therapies?

A: Yes they can be combined with other therapies.  They work well in conjunction with massage therapy, physical therapy, acupuncture, chiropractor and more. Since chiropractry and these techniques work with the nervous system, I don't suggest doing them on the same day.  Too much information for the nervous system to handle.

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