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 Chris Cosby, IHP

Your Nutrition Guide

I have a deep desire to help people and I am proud to specialize in the unique acupressure techniques called Bowen and Emmett as well as Applied Kinesiology. I keep my massage license (#16579) active for this purpose. I will continue to learn new therapies that I can add to each acupressure session.

I am also proud to be an IHP (Integrative Health Practitioner).  I work with clients to begin making improvements in their eating habits for the long term by making lifestyle transformations.  I am not a fan of most diets. There may be times when doing a functional medicine detox is necessary though, especially if there are sensitivities to foods.

I am based out of the Denver and Lake Norman area for in person therapies and work virtually for nutrition guidance plans and courses 

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To continually learn and grow in order to educate tens of thousands of people on how to easily take back their health through nutrition and acupressure techniques because people deserve health from a balanced body


To be a health source for my clients as I help them piece together the puzzle of their health. Each body is unique and I will use any therapies at my disposal to help bring balance to the body which increases health and wellness. You can take back your health at any age. Don't let anyone tell you any different. 

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