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In Person Services

Health begins when the body is rested and relaxed.  Enjoy relaxation through acupressure techniques, ionic foot detox, or far infrared sauna. You can do 2 therapies in one day if you wish.​I work out of my home in Covington at Lake Norman in Denver, NC

New Clients, please fill out this form before scheduling a session! Once form is sent, you will receive an email with a link to schedule. Thank you.

Each acupressure session is unique. All techniques are light touch and client remains fully clothed.  Are you ready for rest and relaxation? I bet you are!


Is this your first bodywork session?  Enjoy a new client discount of $55 for a the first session, normally $65 


Enjoy a $10 discount when you schedule a monthly bodywork session. $55 for each session! **Monthly session is required to keep this discount**

Acupressure Bodywork Sessions
All forms of payment are accepted including HSA credit cards

New Clients: please fill out this form before scheduling a session

  • 10% Referral Discount: Refer a friend or family member and receive a 10% discount on your next session after the person you referred has their session.

  • 20% Discount: This discount is for all military (active/retired/veteran), EMS (police, ambulance, firefighters, etc), and medical professionals.


Bodywork is an important part of self care.  Seniors can enjoy a discount of $50 for each session!


Students also benefit from these wonderful bodywork techniques. Students can enjoy a discount of $40 per session!

  • We are bombarded daily by chemicals and pollutants, in our homes, work places, and every day surroundings

  • We absorb these toxins trough our skin, the food we eat, and the air we breathe.  When our bodies are unable to flush acidic toxins out of our cells, our immune systems become compromised, making us more susceptible to illnesses, aches and pains 

  • It is believed that the average person carries over 5 lbs of toxins in their cells. 


It is crucial to Radiant Health Saunas company, who makes the above sauna, to make sure that their saunas are completely non toxic. The heaters and all the materials used inside our saunas have been independently tested showing they are completely non toxic. (measuring zero VOC’S – volatile organic compounds).


  • Detoxification

  • Anti-Aging

  • Weight Loss

  • Custom

  • Relaxation

  • Cardiovascular

  • Pain Relief

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