FAQs on Bodywork

I will continue to add as I receive more questions

Q: Do these techniques help with digestion? 

A: There are moves that can be done on the abdomen that aid with getting your digestion moving better.

Q: Can these techniques help with injuries, even older ones?

A: Yes, the techniques help the body to repair & restore new and old injuries.

Q: How is bodywork different than massage?

A: There are a few ways to answer this question because massage is technically considered part of bodywork. In terms of the work that I do though, here are some differences:

  • With massage, you are not clothed. The bodywork I do, you are.

  • With massage, lotion or oil is used.  The bodywork I do, it is not.

  • With massage, there's manipulation of the muscle tissue. The bodywork I do, it's mostly light touch on specific points. Sometimes there is slight manipulation of the muscle tissue.

  • With massage, the whole body is worked.  The bodywork I do, I usually work lower & upper body, but not all the time.

Q: How long does a bodywork session last?

A: Generally between 20 minutes and an hour, Most sessions are around 40 minutes unless the body needs more time to process the moves.

Q: How many sessions does someone need to address and fix an issue?

A: This all depends on how quickly the body responds to the work being done. The more chronic the issue, possibly more sessions will be required.

Q: Can you do bodywork on children?

A: Yes, absolutely! Children should have bodywork done to help to keep them balanced

Q: What credentials does a bodywork practitioner get?

A: You need to be licensed, at least here in the States, in order to perform bodywork legally.  I have a massage license which allows me to practice bodywork since it's hands on. I have a certification in both Bowen and Emmett Techniques as a practitioner.