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I assist clients with bringing their bodies back into balance to achieve restored health through nutrition guidance, daily nutritional support, acupressure techniques, and detox services.

What pieces do you need for a balanced and healthy body?

Everyone deserves health from a balanced body! 

Located in private home in Covington at Lake Norman, Denver, NC 

Acupressure Sessions
Far Infrared Sauna
Ionic Foot Detox

Individual Wellness
Paid Monthly Group Wellness
Balance Your Body Instructional
Juice Plus

Effects of Imbalance-3.png
Effects of Imbalance-3.png

Effects of Imbalance

  • Hormonal Issues

  • Diabetes

  • Inflammation

  • Muscle Pain

  • Digestion Issues

  • Mental Health

  • Structural Imbalance

 These are the main ones.....

There's always hope!

Detox Services

Which is the Best Health Door for You Right Now?

Balance Your Body-3.png
Pillars of Wellness Your Story with Stones-2_edited.jpg
1 to 1 Weekly & Monthly Programs

Complimentary Recorded Webinar

Our bodies are designed to rebalance and heal as long as we give it good nutrients and self care.  Watch the recording today!

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I want you to achieve health as a result of a balanced body

As an acupressure practitioner and an integrative health practitioner, putting together the pieces of a client's health puzzle is achieved through connection of whole body therapies, nutrition adjustments and stress management.  A relaxed mind and body is one piece to bring about healing and making simple doable adjustments of healthier food choices builds upon this healing.

A Healthy Body is about Lifestyle, Not Dieting.

With people being busier than ever today, no one wants to prepare and cook food anymore. This leads to dinner from a fast food chain or boxed food. Instead, let's look at the body from the perspective of a car. The better the fuel and oil the car gets, the better it runs. Give it bad fuel and oil, it may not run properly or bring you to the next place you need to go. Think about how this might effect your body with the food you give it. Thankfully, preparing healthy food options can be done without much effort and your body will respond with energy and better health given this proper nutrients. The busyness of life also leads to stress. How do we solve for this? Rest and relaxation each and every day. It's different for everyone. From my experience as an acupresssure practitioner and certified health guide, health and healing are a result of balance achieved within the body from the hands on work and nutritional guidance I offer.

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