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Do you want to overhaul your health? The Shred10 program is about adding 5 new healthy habits to your daily lifestyle for 10 (or more) and reduce and possibly eliminating 5 unhealthy habits

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What to Add:

1. More PLANT Foods & Juice
Plus+ Essentials Fruit and Vegetable Capsules Daily

2. Shakes - Complete by Juice Plus+

3. Plenty of Water

4. Take 10 Deep Breaths & Get 7-8 Hours of Sleep Daily

5. Exercise Most Days


What to Reduce or Eliminate:

  1. Caffeine & Alcohol

  2. Eating After 6:00 p.m. *

  3. Processed Foods

What to Eliminate:

  1. Gluten & Dairy

  2. Artificial & Refined Sugars

* Flexible for children, pregnant/nursing mothers, elite athletes, and night shift workers.

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