I was introduced to Juice Plus 15 years ago by a neighbor.  Quite honestly I had no idea just how much my body needed to ingest these fruits & veggies in capsules.  I was getting terrible colds several times a year that usually included a sinus infection and an autoimmune disease (ITP) was about to rear its ugly head.  I also knew my kids desperately needed the fruit & veggie soft chews as a foundation for their eating habits (by the way - a child eats them FREE when an adult places an order). I am truly thankful today that it made sense to me and I said “yes!".  Now, I very rarely get colds and my immune system has gotten much stronger over the years by taking them consistently every day.


Why did I say, “yes”?  For me the reason was and still is the clinical research behind the product. The clinical research is gold standard and the company takes pride in having almost 40 clinical studies with more on the way!

I said yes to the product and the business at the same time because I wanted to earn extra income while homeschooling my kids, which I did and continue to do.  Now, my goal is the health benefits package at the leadership positions. Are you searching for a solution for your health and a way to earn earn extra income?  This may be your solution!


To learn more about the product and business, please visit my website, www.cosby.juiceplus.com

A Jumpstart to Better Health

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 Then Jesus said, "Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest."

            ~Matthew 11:28


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