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Are You Ready to Begin Your Health Journey?

These options may be the pieces to your health puzzle.  Let's begin your health journey together.  You can move quickly or slowly.  That's your choice.


Bodywork Techniques

A combination of various bodywork techniques are used to bring balance restoration to the body. Please visit the bodywork page for more information


Ionic Foot Detox 

Toxins buildup in the body and show signs in many ways: constant fatigue, stubborn weight gain, bad breath, chronic constipation, sensitivity to fragrances, muscle and joint pain, skin conditions, etc.

Does your body need a detox? Is an Ionic Detox for you?


juice plus +

What is juice plus +? It's simply whole fruits(skin & seeds), veggies, berries in capsules & soft chews. Also plant omegas in capsules as well. It's my family's easy button to add more produce to our healthy eating.


Back to Health Basics

The Back to Health Basics program was created for individuals who want to begin taking their health back and would rather do it by themselves. It is a one time fee with unlimited access to 11 health related topics.