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How a Body Can Become Unbalanced


Acupuncture Meridians can be used in many ways


  • Each meridian has points that run in a "line" similar to a row of power lines 

  • If a point becomes weak or goes "down", the body experiences achy pain or burning pain.

  • Just like the power will flicker or go out when a power line goes down

  • Time to restore "power" to the body

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Boggy or Stagnant Water

  • Enter the food we eat, the environment that surrounds us, the daily stress we have, etc

  • The body ends up becoming stagnant like the brook 

  • Enter pain, inflammation, reduced joint movement, headaches, etc

  • How do we help our bodies get back to free flowing?

  • The bodywork techniques help the stagnation to be released and to begin to free flow again

  • How long it takes to get back to fully free flowing depends on the body's response to the techniques

  • Each person is individual and unique


Free Flowing Water

  • The body internally is supposed to move like the free flowing brook

  • The body needs regular maintenance of at least once a month to keep the body in homeostasis (big word for balanced)


Technique Moves & Fascia

I read about this analogy in regards to fascia. I hope it will be helpful

  • The skin on a mandarin/orange is "like" our skin

    • This is where I perform the bodywork moves with light touch​

  • The white part under the orange skin is "like" the fascia under our skin

    • This is where the "signal" from the move is sent through

  • The fascia runs throughout the body and covers every organ, joint, muscle.  It's literally everywhere.

    • The lighter the touch the better the signal​

    • The signal goes to the brain and lets it know that an adjustment needs to happen in the body

    • Think about how a sound moves through water and can be heard for miles. These signals move through the fascia in a similar way.

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Layers to Health

  • Think of your health like an onion.

  • There are many layers and as each layer is peeled away, your body begins to heal

  • This is why I suggest for a new client to have 3 to 6 acupressure sessions at the beginning to help the body with peeling away the layers. The monthly maintenance afterwards is to keep the health of the body maintained.

Let's Balance the Body

Emmett, Bowen & Art of Bowen

Emmett Technique

  • Muscle Release

  • Two Points Used (usually)

  • Improved Joint Movement

  • Light Touch

  • Newborn to Elderly

  • Pain Relief

  • Unique Body Therapy

  • Light Touch

  • Activate Points along Meridians

  • Directly influence muscle action

Bowen Technique
  • Hormonal Rebalancing

  • Emotional Support

  • Moves on Acupuncture Meridians

  • Light Touch

  • Nervous System Balancing

  • Stretch Reflex

  • Joint proprioceptors

  • Fascia & Muscle Release

  • Rebalance the body

  • Detox

Applied Kinesiology

  • This is also known as "muscle testing"

  • It can be used to pinpoint specific work that needs to be done in the body

  • Neurolymphatic for pain relief and energy enhancement

  • Neuromuscular Reflex holding points ~ helps to improve blood circulation to muscle and related organ

  • Injury Recall Technique helps to heal the body of new and old injuires

  • Ileocecal Valve for the intestines help

  • It works with the acupuncture meridians to unblock the meridians and help them function optimally

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