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 Chris Cosby

Your Health Guide

I have a deep desire to help people. Although I have stopped offering massage to my clients, I do keep my massage license (#16579) current in order to provide the various hands on acupressure techniques that I offer to my clients now.  I am proud to specialize in the unique techniques of Bowen and Emmett as well as Applied Kinesiology. I continue to learn new techniques that I add to each acupressure session.

As a Certified Health Guide, I work with clients to begin making improvements in their eating habits for the long term by making lifestyle transformations.  I do no believe in the philosophy of diets where you must remove a number of things that you eat in order to lose weight and be healthy.  If there are allergies or sensitivities to foods, then that's different.

I work out of my home and serve clients for whole body therapies in the Denver and Lake Norman area.



To continually learn and grow in order to educate tens of thousands of people on how to easily take back their health through nutrition and acupressure techniques because people deserve health from a balanced body


To be a health source for my clients as I help them piece together the puzzle of their health. Each body is unique and I will use any therapies at my disposal to help bring balance to the body which increases health and wellness. You can take back your health at any age. Don't let anyone tell you any different. 

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