Chris Cosby

Health Coach ~  Emmett & Bowen Practitioner


My Background

I have always had a deep desire to help people.  I decided to fulfill this desire in September of 2009 when I enrolled into the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy in Newington, CT.  I received my massage license in May of 2011 and mainly offered  therapeutic massage during the first few years as a massage therapist.  In addition, I enrolled in more specific courses for head & neck as well as pregnancy.   Back in April of 2014, I was introduced to the  Bowen Technique by my naturopathic doctor in CT.  After having regular sessions that successfully helped my lower back pain, I decided it was time to learn the Bowen Technique to expand upon my massage certification.  Although I have stopped offering massage to my clients, I do keep my massage license (#16579) current in order to provide the various hands on soft tissue techniques that I offer to my clients now.  I am proud to say that I am also an Emmett Practitioner now as well.

As a Certified Health Coach, I have seen tremendous improvement in my own health journey by eating clean and healthy whole foods; I didn't always eat this way. For several decades, I ate the S.A.D.(Standard American Diet).  I use the foundation of Traffic Light Eating from the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute.  This is not a diet.  You need to eat from all food groups as long as there are no allergies or sensitivities.

Holistic Body Therapies Services

The objective for each session is to help my client head towards bringing balance to their body. I am proud to offer various ways to do this that include bodywork, nutritional support(Juice Plus~ please see separate page for more information), and health coaching.

Some clients may only need bodywork, some clients may only need health coaching, and some clients may need both. I'm here to help clients piece together their health puzzle, whether helping to reduce pain, relax, muscle restoration, better range of motion, and/or nutritionally.

Why I love these body work techniques so much. As I mentioned above, I was introduced to Bowen when I lived in CT. I was dealing with a low back joint issues that if I just turned the wrong way or picked something up the wrong way, my back would go out (very painful and debilitating for days).  This would happen at least once a year. I became overly cautious and had to be very careful when exercising. After regular Bowen sessions, it helped alleviate this low back issue I was having.


I was then introduced to the Emmett Technique in 2019. I was completely surprised by this technique with its quick muscle release, its light touch and holding points, it's just as unique as Bowen.  I have experienced wonderful muscle and even emotional releases with both these techniques.  Yes, muscles can hold emotions. These techniques work well together for the benefit of the entire body.